Previous Harvests

Below are some of the many photos of past harvest workers having a working holiday in the UK, picking apples, pears and plums.

“Best regards this farm! It was wonderful! Nice people, place and … everything! I will miss everybody!” Juste (Lithuania)
“I had a real good time in the farm!  Thanks to the farm for this opportunity, I met amazing pickers, I had a lot of fun!  A great experience!” Agnes (France)

 2 0 0 7   S E A S O N

Resized Dsc02905.jpg

2 0 0 8   S E A S O N

Resized Dsc03151.jpg

2 0 0 9   S E A S O N

Resized Dsc03426.jpg

 2 0 1 0   S E A S O N

Resized DSC03543.jpg

2 0 1 1    S E A S O N

Resized P1080172.jpg

2 0 1 2   S E A S O N

copy P1080610.jpg

 2 0 1 3   S E A S O N 


                                                              2 0 1 4   S E A S O N

                                                             2 0 1 5   S E A S O N

                                                        2 0 1 6   S E A S O N

2 0 1 7   S E A S O N

2 0 1 8   S E A S O N

2 0 1 9   S E A S O N

2 0 2 0   S E A S O N



11 thoughts on “Previous Harvests

  1. leigh spencer (hut in name of tuckey)

    I was a hop picker on the farm in the late 60`s and had a better time on the hops than all the fancy holidays put together,so I am so pleased to see the young people having such a great time (as I did).

  2. Aurimas

    First time abroad-first time in the UK.
    The best time in whole life even it was short time, i’m really liked this,see you guys next summer!

  3. Arek & Sylwia from Poland ;]

    And here we are back in Poland. Sad 🙁 I was on Broadwater Farm second time and Sylwia was here first time but we are sure that we want to come back to this lovely place, lovely memories and lovely apples ;d Meet great people, all the stuff and pickers – big love for you from Poland. Hope to see you next year! Nothing to add!!!

  4. any

    Any of romania are and I can tell you that I love this farm this year I worked there and it was great, I met great people and the farmer’s only a very kind man! the future I would like to come to the farm ……. love you

  5. Adam

    I may only recommend this place. Everything’s written above and I totally agree. 🙂 It was a pleasure to meet you all and to spend a season on Broadwater Farm!

  6. Juste (2011)

    Best regards this farm! Thank you Peter and Nicola for this summer ! It was wonderful! Nice people,place and … everything! I will miss for everybody!

  7. Jan Solich

    Hello to everybody 🙂

    this was for me very gooooooooood summer and I have to say, that Broadwater Farm is a great place. If somebody want to come and work on this farm, I can just say, do that. For me it is very good experience. I have to say thank you again to Peter and Nicola, because they are so good bosses 🙂 Perfect communication with them and for me just positive stuff :-)Everybody from the farm staff, Ernie, John and more others are really very nice people. The area near to farm is good to. West Maling or Maidstone are very nice. And if you can work hard you can earn very good money. Soooo thank you very much Peter and Nicola, for this summer. It was a pleasure to work here. Thank´s.
    JAN 🙂

  8. Monika

    this farm was very wonderful:)I worked this year, and I will want comback and next year:) because I had a very great time. nice and interesting peoples, very nice boss, good job:) thank you and regards


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