Summer Fruit Picking
The Work and Pay

For 2023 the work at Broadwater Farm will be divided into two courses. The first course will start in early July concentrating on thinning the apples and the second course will start at the end of August to harvest our main crop of apples. We ask each picker to stay with us until the end of October, to ensure that our main harvest is completed (if you need to leave earlier, please contact us).

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Rates of Pay

Applicable from 1st April 2023


Per hour


Overtime per hour (after 48 hours)

A normal working week would be Monday to Friday, working 8 hours each day and an additional 5 hours on Saturday, as and when required.  

You will be paid weekly into a UK bank account (if you do not have an account in the UK, there are other payment options, including setting up your own online bank account (Revolut. Monzo or Transferwise, for example)).

The farm’s customers demand the highest quality of produce and so expect the team to be very diligent in their work and to pick to the highest standard of quality. The work on the farm can be enjoyable and very rewarding. To benefit from this, however, you will need to put in hard work and listen carefully to all instructions you are given. Much of the picking you will be doing is physically demanding so do expect a few aches and pains after the first week’s work. These should reduce over time as you become more accustomed to the work and you will get fitter!

I felt very welcome when first arriving to the farm. All the staff are great to work with and Peter is a friendly manager to work for. I was treated very fairly and thank you for the extra food break treats. the atmosphere on the farm was very good during the season I picked. I would recommend this farm to other pickers.

Amy, UK

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