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Welcome to Broadwater Farm - the home of summer fruit picking.

Are you looking for a summer fruit picking job in the UK? We currently harvest around 9,000 bins of apples. Discover more about the farm, the job and the fun to be had summer fruit picking in the heart of the English countryside.

We, at Howard Chapman Ltd, are aware of the problems facing the World with COVID-19.

Providing food for the Nation, however, is of upmost importance. We will carry on as best we can to ensure we have a crop of apples to pick in September and October 2022.

We will, of course, need help to harvest our fruit. We are always adapting so we can provide a safe environment in which to work.

Please feel confident that if you apply for a job with us, we will do our best to keep you safe.

More than ever we need people to join our team.

Broadwater Farm

Broadwater Farm (Howard Chapman Ltd.) is located in the beautiful and historic county of Kent, in the south east of England. The farm grows apples.

We are renowned for supplying top quality fruit to UK supermarkets. If you think you would enjoy working at Broadwater, then come and join our team

more about the farm

At Howard Chapman Ltd, providing food for the nation is of upmost importance.  We will carry on as best we can to ensure we have a crop of apples to pick in September and October 2022.

Working with us

Find out more about summer fruit picking on the farm and read what our previous harvest workers have said about their experience of picking apples with us.

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Staying with us

The accommodation is in portacabins. There are 2 beds per room, mattress, pillows and furniture to store belongings in is provided, you just need to bring your own sleeping bag. There is a separate washroom with toilets, showers and washbasins.


Gosh, working a season at Broadwater Farm is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime! It is an amazing way to enjoy being outdoors and working hard under the both the sun and the rain. The work is challenging and you will need to preserve through the first week and a bit before you find your ‘groove’. It’s something you have probably never done before and it will take some practice to get the picking method right. The thing that I enjoyed most about being on the farm is the sense of community and friendship among the pickers, as well as living and working together every day. I would highly recommend working a season at Broadwater Farm – and I intend to return! Thank you to all the staff at Broadwater Farm for the amazing season!

Jed van Roon-Gifford