2020 Harvest summary

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What our previous pickers say...

Beautiful surroundings, working with people from all over Europe, a real nice vibe around the farm and Peter, Nicola, Sheila, Jim and even Ernie (haha) made the whole experience very pleasant and were great people to work for/under. Will DEFINITELY consider coming back next year if things work out.
Thanks Peter, I was my pleasure to work with you and share the funniest moments in the farm, with Jamie, Brian and Keven, thank you all.
Gyorgy-Agoston Kercso
The farm and its surroundings are beautiful, and it’s refreshing to work outdoors in nature for a few months and disconnect from the fast-paced city life. The job is intense and demanding, so it’s good to come physically and mentally prepared for it. I really enjoyed working in a team and living together with other internationals, since you get to know each other pretty well. Overall, I would recommend this experience for anybody who wants to save some money while living in an international community and doesn’t mind to do an intense job. Many thanks for this opportunity, best of luck to you all.
Oriol J.

At Howard Chapman Ltd, providing food for the nation is of upmost importance.  We will carry on as best we can to ensure we have a crop of apples to pick in September and October 2021.

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