Resized P1080217.jpgBelow are some of the comments from past employees that have worked at Broadwater Farm and enjoyed the experience.


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  1. Janileigh Cohen

    What an amazing season it was in 2019! from being serenaded everyday in the orchards by the spanish boys to Pete delivering us doughnuts. The work is hard but its so rewarding, I never thought I would love picking apples, but i most certainly do and I can’t wait to return.

    Thank you Broadwater for amazing memories, It went beyond my expectations.

    Lots and lots of love



  2. Jed van Roon-Gifford

    Gosh, working a season at Broadwater Farm is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime! It is an amazing way to enjoy being outdoors and working hard under the both the sun and the rain. The work is challenging and you will need to preserve through the first week and a bit before you find your ‘groove’. It’s something you have probably never done before and it will take some practice to get the picking method right.
    The thing that I enjoyed most about being on the farm is the sense of community and friendship amongst the pickers, as well as living and working together every day. I would highly recommend working a season at Broadwater Farm – and I intend to return!

    Thank you to all the staff at Broadwater Farm for the amazing season!

  3. Paul and Leah

    From the minute we arrived at the farm we could tell it was a welcoming and friendly environment to live and work. We both loved our time here and met some great people. The work is rewarding and the accommodation is really nice as well. Would definitely recommend!

  4. Ivan Perez

    Good morning Broadwater farm!!!!!!!!!!
    When I saw all the photos of people smiling and read all the testimonials before coming here I thought: How can this be possible? Everyone is smiling while they’re working. How’s that?
    The picking is hard, of course it is, but the environment, the supervisors, the team camaraderie, the free-time, the weekends playing football in the park… all this make this experience ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.
    It was the best part of 2019 and I’ll try to come in 2020 because one year wasn’t enough.
    If you are reading this and thinking about coming don’t think anymore just apply!!!!!
    See you next summer. The Spanish/Catalan lazy crazy boys will be back!
    All my love

  5. Oliver

    Great place to work.
    Beautiful surroundings, working with people from all over Europe, a real nice vibe around the farm and Peter, Nicola, Sheila, Jim and even Ernie (haha) made the whole experience very pleasant and were great people to work for/under.
    Will DEFINITELY consider coming back next year if things work out.
    Kind Regards


  6. Ezequiel Fernandez

    I had a very good harvest season. The organization is very professional and respectful. I thank all the staff and wish you a good winter.
    Greetings and thanks.

  7. Oriol J.

    The farm and its surroundings are beautiful, and it’s refreshing to work outdoors in nauture for a few months and disconnect from the fast-paced city life. The job is intense and demanding, so it’s good to come physically and mentally prepared for it. I really enjoyed working in a team and living together with other internationals, since you get to know each other pretty well. Overall, I would recommend this experience for anybody who wants to save some money while living in an international community and doesn’t mind to do an intense job. Many thanks for this opportunity, best of luck to you all.

  8. Daniel Andrig.

    Great place to work and make new friends from all over the world, and in weekends you can travel to visit
    very nice places in kent or even london who is just 1 hour by train from the farm. it’s nice to get the job done and with the help of the farm supervisors you can make it. Thank you Nicola, Peter and all the farm staff.

  9. Abdennour Belhaouchet

    Working in a farm was one of my dreams that Broadwater farm has realised for me. Although picking was a bit hard but I found the right fun, adventure, and people I was looking for. The managers were absolutely helpful and friendly. I lived in Britain for many years, but I had never had the chance to make incredible and lovely friends and tuck into English food like those days I spent in Broadwater farm. I also enjoyed the wonderful scenery, clean air, greenish verdure up and down the horizon…Kent is a heaven that one can hardly see without experiencing farm life. I would recommend experiencing farm work, and Broadwater farm is the right place to be in. To all my friends I have met: I love you all and hope to see you next year! Noree

    1. Peter

      My good friend Noree it was a pleasure to meet you and to get to know you as a friend as with many others, thank you for helping to make my time on the (funny) farm a good one so sad to see you leave
      Yeah the work was hard and cold at times but we had some good fun, think I a little to old for it now. but never say never. I hope you have a great time next year I will be thinking of you.
      Many thanks to all the staff you were all wonderful people it was a pleasure to get to meet and work with you in wonderful Kent and so nice to see the Spitfire fly over most days. I hope 2019 is a good season for you all, best wishes Peter

      1. Noree

        Thanks Peter, I was my pleasure to work with you and share the funniest moments in the farm, with Jamie, Brian and Keven, thank you all.

  10. Jamie Hall

    After 17 years of living in a large town I came back to picking apples in Kent at the ripe old age of 42, I ached, I bled, I moaned and I cried but everyday I got up and worked in those beautiful orchards and felt like a free man, the managers are wonderful people, the workers are a mixture of some of the most interesting characters I have ever met, some now, friends for life, if you need a break from the chaos of regular life come and do this change. Good luck and god bless to all I have met and all future workers, hopefully see ya next year!!!

  11. Jeremy

    I had a great time picking apples and driving tractors at Broadwater Farm. Met some awesome people from all over the world and thoroughly enjoyed working in the Kent countryside. Highly recommended for people who enjoy the outdoors, physical work, meeting interesting people and discovering magical places. Thanks and hope to see you all again sometime.

  12. Petra

    Thank you for the great times and the chance to work with magnificent people. And thank you for letting me drive the tractor. This farm is superb.
    Love Petra

  13. broadwaterfarm Post author

    Hello Nicola, Thank you once again for giving me a chance to come to England and work for you. It was a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.
    Greetings from Poland, Dagmara

  14. broadwaterfarm Post author

    I just want to say – THANK YOU!!
    To you Peter, Nicole and all people that we met in 2008!
    It’s been 9 years from now and today I’m reading our travel diary.
    For 6 weeks we traveled from London to Gravesend, Mostly by walk (and for £2 per day – it was a challenge)!
    And after that, on Monday 28th of July 2008, we put hands to work – on Broadwater Farm! Such a great experience, feelings and people … !!!
    So, thank you for opportunity that changed our lives!
    Because without you – we never experienced such an amazing moments!
    Greetings from Czech Republic
    Mr Baked Beans – Jakub Zdralek Myxin
    Mr Spaghetti – Jan Hrncir
    Miss – Martina Vavrova
    Hey people from around the world – do you remember that 3 months?

  15. Mark patterson

    I had a wonderful time from start to finish, not only did I meet and enjoy new friends on the farm but the local ppl including our manager, receptionist, supervisors are all really down to earth my kind ppl, u relax u see the open sky through the living room windows basically living in nature, West Malling the closest town is so charming and i’ve travelled the world and can still say it’s really unique and so very Kent, the magical mystery tour filmed by the Beatles was the start of the bus journey, can you imagine that lol?

    Live with beautiful ppl, bye byes were heartfelt from genuine connections and again that goes to the office too and our fine working human resources department, got paid on time every time all went smoothly even there were many ppl to sort out.

    As I say i’ve travelled the world working too and there is nothing short of pleasant surprises both working hard in nature and exploring the local area. Thank you everyone and the Lord above 🙂

    1. Jason Foster

      Thanks for the experience. I had a really great time and thanks to all of you who made it that much more enjoyable. The part of kent was beautiful. Hope to see you all later this year.


  16. Yudhistra

    Thank you for the opportunity. It was a wonderful experience. I met some interesting people, drove tractors and also became much fitter!

  17. Marko

    Last three years, Broadwater farm represents a home for me, where I come to regenerate after my yearly travels. Yes, the work is physically hard, yes it is unpredictable in some ways (what in this world isn’t?), and yes, you can enjoy it if you love outdoors, daily activity, good weather (Hah, I keep getting lucky about that aswell coming to England), and getting money for it, a paperything that still rules the world. So to speak, it is well balanced and on all the aspects. Loads of social life around, if needed, and lots of peace of surrounding nature for asocial days. If you enjoy working with less people around, coming early or staying later into the season is a thing to do. Either way, all of us have countless options in life, but while you are scrolling this page and reading through it, there just might be a reason why giving it a go could just be it.

  18. Pawel

    Great place!!! Friendly and enjoyable atmosphemere. Also interesting area to enjoy your free time. Totally recommended for people who love great summertime!!! All the best!!! 🙂 😉

  19. Bogdan|Bobo|Boboculinko

    I first greet him and thank Mr. Pitter Ms Nicol that I called at the farm! It is a beautiful farm and the best supervisors! We had a good team Alex, Vali, Mariana, Violin, Oancea said ROCKET TEAM! We kiss and hear us well!

  20. broadwaterfarm Post author

    Hello! I would like to thank the amazing crew of Broadwater Farm for the opportunity to work in such a nice place. It was not only a chance to save money but also a wonderful experience with great people in the most beautiful region in England. I am very pleased both with the work and the company. I really hope to return to the farm in the future.
    I wish you all the best.
    Teresa, Poland

  21. broadwaterfarm Post author

    Hello Nicola,
    We have arrived safely yesterday in the night. We are happy to be at home but we already miss Broadwater Farm 🙂
    We would like to thank you once again – it was really unique and enjoyable experiance to meet and work with You, Peter and all Staff of the farm.
    I hope that next year we will meet again and it will another succesfull summer for us 🙂

    Thank you and see you 🙂

    Pawel & Sylwia


    Hello! BROADWATTER Farm ! The most beautiful and quiet farm where i’ve worked and where I would gladly return . the place is amazing to spend your summer! Full of beautiful people and devoted workers . Thumbs UP for BROADWATTER FARM and for the people who work there!

  23. Libor and Monika

    We would like to thank for the great opportunity to work on Broadwater farm. We had a wonderful time there. Our employers were great. We were lucky that the weather was lovely and we could see a lot of beautiful sights in Kent and we met a new friends from many different countries. We hope we will come back again.

  24. Markét and Kate

    We would like to thank all kind people in Broadwater. It was the best time we spent there, and it was also great opportunity to make new friends, and to visit many interesting places in Kent. We have magnificent memories, and we hope we will come back again.


    Hi , From my perspective timed coditions Broadwater Farm is very good farm next years I hope we meet again lovely staff you can rely on always.
    Thanks:Nicola ,Peter,Ernie,John and the rest of the team. 😉

  26. Rob

    Perfect place for getting the most of your summer(-ish) holiday. You will meet people from all over the world with all kinds of different mindsets and you will learn to cooperate in order to get the work done. Supervisors are approachable and always willing to help. But it’s not all just about work – you will really enjoy your stay at the farm. Great people, new experiences, beautiful English countryside all around AND you are getting paid for this! As Peter (the farm manager) says: You have two goals while here at the farm. First, pick apples. Second, HAVE FUN! 🙂

    And that pretty much sums it up. I keep coming back every year and can only recommend this place to everyone!

  27. Czech girls

    Hallo everyone, this way we would like to thank for support during the picking to our bosses, who are very kind people. They were giving us valuable advices on how to get better and we wouldn´t have to be a native speaker to joke with them.
    We also have met a lot of interesting people from all over the world, seen beautiful places of England and saved some money. We got there more than we expected, so we can recomend this farm to everyone. :-))

  28. Agata & Grzegorz from POLAND

    It is never too late to thank for two excellent seasons at BF. Atmosphere at the farm was very good, we met many wonderful people from many countries. We would like to recommend this farme. Because we had a nice time there! Greetings ! 😉

  29. Ewelina & Radek from Poland

    Our second season on the Broadwater, both remember very well. Interesting place and interesting people. Working here, you can earn and explore. Greetings to all 🙂

  30. LEVENTE GYORVARI from Hungary

    It was nice and memorable time again.Good community and new friends.Thank you for everybody,especially Nic and Peter.See U in the future.

  31. Ines & Michael from Germany

    Greetings from Germany to the team of Broadwaterfarm and all fellows! It was an unforgettable time and a fantastic possibility for us to get to know Kent/England. We met great people as well. Thanks to all of you and… „Tractor mooooving!“

  32. Agnes from France

    I had a real good time in the farm! Thanks to the farm for this opportunity, i met amazing pickers, i had a lot of fun! A Great experience ! 🙂

  33. Annie

    First of all: It was hard work and you shouldn´t take it too easy, but at the same time I wouldn´t want to miss a single second of the time I have spent at Broadwater Farm. I really enjoyed working outside and everybody was very friendly and willing to help you when you have problems.
    Peter is a very fair boss and I appreciated his postive way of leading this farm. The others like Ernie, John, Barry, Lulu, Steven, Nicola, Matt and Paul (Sorry if I forgot someone!) are just wonderful and I learned a lot from them.
    It is good that Maidstone, London, etc. are close, so you don´t have to spend all your free time on the farm.
    All in all I can only recommend working on Broadwater Farm. Everything was doable and it was a great way to meet new people from all over the world.
    I really hope that I have time next year to come back!



  35. amy

    I felt very happy at Broadwater Farm this year. It is physically hard work, but I relished the challenge – I’m not particularly strong, just average, but I think the main thing is, if you have a positive attitude to it, then you can do it, and feel a great sense of achievement. Peter the boss was really encouraging, enthusiastic, and grateful for everyone’s efforts, and his positive way of leadership really filters down and gives nearly everyone a positive attitude. I met some lovely people from all over Europe and some other countries. I loved working in the fresh air, amongst the trees. I also loved driving the tractors, which people with driving licences can elect to do. I felt it was very wholesome work, and a very wholesome place.

  36. Levi

    Hey everyone,

    It was nice two and half month in Broadwaterfarm.Helpful staff,Thank you Nicola,Peter,Ernie,John and the guys!Maybe next year:-)Take care everybody

  37. Steve

    I would like to thank all the staff at Broadwater farm for the most enjoyable summer working with you all,and to all the people who were also picking this summer, a great bunch of people to have worked with and good luck in the future to all of you.Broadwater is strongly reccomended,great staff and you meet wonderful people. Big thanks to you all.

  38. Inese

    Hello! Thanks a lot for the opportunity to work in Broadwater farm. It was great time, good experience! I met nice people, save money.
    Thanks you- Nicola, Peter, supervisors team and all pickers and tractor drivers!

    Best regards, Inese

  39. Bill Ward

    Hey everyone at Broadwater farm, just like to say it was really great meeting everyone and had a really good time as well as making some good friends. And to anyone who is thinking of coming over next year it’s a really nice way to see a lovely part of the country. Take care everyone and hope to see you sometime.

  40. Annachiara

    I came back from three days in Italy and I can definitely say that I really miss the Boadwater farm 🙁
    Was a wonderful experience, a chance to work, save some money and visit the Kent, one of the most beautiful regions of England!
    My English has improved, I met many great people and I enjoyed working with everybody.
    all the staff of the farm is kind and helpful. Nicola is the best! Peter is a very nice manager, demanding but always present for every problem.
    The supervisors are great, especially Brian, Hernie, Barry, Lulu and her little dog.
    I really enjoyed working in this context, the work is hard but in this way everything becomes easier!

    Greetings to everybody, I will miss you!
    And remember everyday is A LOVELY DAY!

    hugs from Italy


  41. Maria&Katia

    Hi everyone!
    We’ve been recognized a lot of people we worked together. Best regards to Mr. Chekley!!!We miss you a lot.If you remember 2 girls from Moldova from 2004-2005. We were one of the first studets at the farm.There was new experience for the farm workers and also the students. Now I can see that the are a lot of changes but also lots of old faces.Me(Maria) and Katia are in USA. We are studying and working, looking for even more experiences.
    We would like to visit you if it’s possible, but not now. It looks like it’s very cold there and there’s nothing to see at the farm. The best period is september. I got a lot of snow last night (about 10 inches) in Michigan. Katia is in San Francisco (lucky girl).
    Zabor, Susu,Nanu, Aneta, Martin-we remember you all.
    Looks like you’ve spent not the only one summer at the Broadwater.
    Best regards!

  42. susu

    Wazzaaap!!! hy everyone, greating from romania from susu and nanu. about the farm i spend two seasons in the farm and we make a lot of money. i meet very frendly people in the farm specialy peter,ernie,derek, crazy john.I WISH ALL THE BEST FOR ZABORICA FROM YOUR BROTHERS SUSU AND NANU!
    zaborica ce pula mea faci????

  43. Cristi

    Hi everyone,
    First of all I want to say hello to my friends Blagoje,Alex,Luke(Wader),Zabor,Fidel & girlfriend Kania:p(joke-Kania & girlfriend Fidel :D),Aneta & Maciek,Arthur the Wrestling Champion and the “staff” (crazy John(hope U enjoyed Barcelona with U’r girlfriend),Ernie the BOSS,Nicola & Sheila,COLIN(bad luck for Hamilton this season 😐 ) ,Peter and everyone there(please excuse me if I forgot anyone :|).
    I wanted to do this becouse there it was like a family and I had a great time with my friends.If U want to go to work at a farm in UK go to BROADWATER FARM!

  44. Aneta & Maciek (Antena and Dudek)

    Hallo everyone.
    All this things what they said are true !!! (Aneta):I’ve been in England on the few farms but the Broadwater Farm is the nicer place:), i’ve beeen there 4 times and i really want to back in to “my second home” like my manager said 🙂
    (Maciek) : I have been only 2 times but i want more and more and more and more:) Regards to Peter , Ernie , Lulu, Big Boss Alfie, Crazy John, Dereck , Shiela , Nicola, Colin ,Paul, and the rest from Broadwater :)See you in the summer.

  45. Martin called the Zabor


    Broadwater Farm is very good farm in Kent 🙂 You can meet new people from other countries (even nice relationships), earn money and visit East England – London, Dover (cliff’s, Dover Castle) Maidstone (shopping), Brighton (seaside), Leeds (Leeds Castle – is one of the most attractive medieval castles in England).

    I have been there three times and had really good time, because there is nice atmosphere, nice people who work at farm, and farm menager – Peter – is good man! 🙂

    Im sure that you will be not disappointed if you choose Broadwater to spend your holiday, but remember – if you want to make money, you have to work hard;)

    Kind regards for everybody, specially for Nanu, Susu, Ovi, hope to see you somewhere in Europe 🙂

  46. Luke

    Hello people:)

    How’s everybody doing? I hope everything is well, I’d like to give my kind regards to all the people, I have met on Broadwater Farm. I’ve had an amazing time in West Malling. Blagoje and Alex are right. I agree, that I’ve been working on the best Farm in the UK. For example I’ve been visiting some Farm near to Birmingham last summer, cause sister of my friend has been working there. It was horrible, so I know what I’m saying. On the Broadwater Farm work only nice people.
    I’ ve been two times there and I have only good memories about work, people and parties, yeeeeah especially parties. We were singing, dancing and having really gooooooood time.

    For every student, who is able to spend few months on the Broadwater Farm:
    About money: you can earn a lot of it if you work hard:D.

    About work: don’t forget looking after your back and knees:)

    About trips: West Malling is not to far from London, you need something about 40 minutes by train, to get there.

    About shopping:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    Saturday :Maidstone!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

    So if you have a choise: go to Broadwater Farm!!!:)

    All the best from Poland:)

  47. Alex

    Czest, Blagoe! 🙂 Nice to read you! You was the first in apple picking and there you are first again! 

    P.S.I’m afraid that this page will become a Chat room 😉

  48. Alex

    Hi, all my Frinds and everyone who has casually open this page :).
    The are homepage of Greatest Farm of all times and nations! (belive me – I was four times on fruit picking in UK).
    There, on Broadwater Farm, I meet very nice people (Peter, Shiela, John, Dereck and of course NICOLA :-* :)), get new friends from other countries, upgrade my English level ;), earn money and also have time to make wonderfull excursions all around UK.

    P.S.Sheila, on a photos from the main student kitchen I find my flowers in a violet pot 🙂 -I had very good memoirs connected with them and I’m planing to come back. Be ready! :)))

    All the best from Latvia

  49. Blagoje

    Hi everyone,

    I just want to greet all my mates from Broadwater Farm and remind of two joyful seasons spent there.
    Also recommend to any student who is able to spend a couple of months there and be introduced in beautiful country called England, have some great time, meet other people, get new friends, earn money…

    Nice regards from Serbia


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