Spring Time 2014

No 7 Flower

Hi and welcome to all the team who have successfully applied to join our harvest for 2014.

After a terrible winter we have now seen some very mild weather which has brought the flowering forward and is much earlier than last year.

In 2013 full flower was in the middle of May but in 2014 we are around 3 – 4 weeks earlier.

This will have an effect on picking dates and they are likely to be 1 – 2 weeks earlier than we thought.

I must stress though that this is not definite as things can change and it would only need another cold period to put things back again.

However, the flower is very good and the signs are that 2014 will be a great year.

Hopefully you have all received an email from Nicola advising you to be cautious about booking your travel until we can be more definite about the picking dates for 2014

Hopefully though, the weather will remain good, the pollination will be strong and we will have bin fulls of top quality fruit to pick.

Look forward to seeing you all soon