Season 2013 and congratulations to Nicola

Hi to everybody who has worked at Broadwater in the past. I am sure everyone will join me in congratulating everybody`s favourite employment specialist, Nicola who, on Christmas Eve 2012 gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Noah.

Nicola is tied up with her maternity duties right now and will not be taking applications until March 2013 for the coming season.

We are hoping for a good crop this year.

Last year it seemed to rain every day. This made it very difficult to produce a quality crop of fruit, it also made the picking season very hard.

The good news is, that the very high rainfall caused the trees to produced plenty of fruit bud and the potential for a good crop is very encouraging.

Please watch the website and lookout for the application form going live in March or April or as soon as Noah allows Nicola the time.

Thanks to the 2012 team who did a great job in a difficult year and we look forward to welcoming this years crew.

Remember we grow Apples and Pears at Broadwater so we need people to work in September and October. If you want work only in July and August, you are probably best off looking for a soft fruit farm.

Hope you all have a great 2013