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2019 Season

We have now reached flowering and the farm is again, blooming with pink flowers and sweet aromas.

I am really looking forward to this season and I thought I would let everyone know the latest news.

The big one is that we have finally had our fibre broadband connected up.

We now have superfast Internet at Broadwater.

You will really notice the difference this season when you are keeping in touch with friends and family.

We have now sold most of the apples that were picked in the 2018 season, we have just 400 tonnes left from the 2500 that was in store after harvest in October. Thanks to all the 2018 Team. You did a great job.

Thanks again


2018 Season

The 2018 Harvest season applications will go live in February.

Please keep a close eye on the website if you are interested in joining our team this year.

2017 Season

Another season has come and gone and now it is time to start thinking about the 2017 harvest.

Our farm is always evolving and we have again grubbed another orchard (4N) and planted a new one (BG South). The  new orchard is also Gala but is more modern in design, with post and wire support, irrigation, and compost. This will make the fruit, highly coloured, crispier and sweater than ever before.

Again, we will be looking for people to join our happy team and harvest the Apples. This year, we are expecting to pick around 2500 Tonnes of apples during September and October 2017.

Broadwater Farm is in a fabulous location in the heart of Kent, close to trains and busses, and only 45km from the centre of London.

So, if you want to visit the UK, earn some money and you are willing to work hard then we will be glad to see you.

2016 Season

2015 Team2015 TeamAnother season is approaching fast and things are looking good for 2016

This year sees the introduction of the National Living Wage so we will be paying £7.20/hour this year.

We think that this will increase demand and if you are thinking of joining our team in September 2016, we urge you to get your application in fast, because the places will fill up quickly.

Record Harvest

Well done to the 2014 team as we have picked the biggest crop in Broadwater history.2014 Team

The 2014 harvest has exceeded 10,000 bins for the first time ever !!!!!!!!!

A great summer with lots of sunshine together with well timed rainfall has added up to a fabulous crop all with good colour and sugars meaning they look and taste great.

Spring Time 2014

No 7 Flower

Hi and welcome to all the team who have successfully applied to join our harvest for 2014.

After a terrible winter we have now seen some very mild weather which has brought the flowering forward and is much earlier than last year.

In 2013 full flower was in the middle of May but in 2014 we are around 3 – 4 weeks earlier.

This will have an effect on picking dates and they are likely to be 1 – 2 weeks earlier than we thought.

I must stress though that this is not definite as things can change and it would only need another cold period to put things back again.

However, the flower is very good and the signs are that 2014 will be a great year.

Hopefully you have all received an email from Nicola advising you to be cautious about booking your travel until we can be more definite about the picking dates for 2014

Hopefully though, the weather will remain good, the pollination will be strong and we will have bin fulls of top quality fruit to pick.

Look forward to seeing you all soon




Harvest Delay

Due to the weather and conditions that we have spoken about in previous posts. We have now delayed the start of our harvest to the week commencing the 2nd of September 2013.

This will affect all our team who are coming for the main harvest.

Hopefully everyone will have received an Email from Nicola outling this.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but this is necessary to avoid any breaks in picking due to late ripening of the fruit, caused by the late spring.

If you have any concerns please contact us.



Hi everyone and welcome to the June update.

At last the weather seems to have settled a little, it’s not exactly summer but at least we can hang our coats up. The late spring and flowering have meant that the fruit is much smaller than it would normally be at this time of year and we are still expecting the harvest to be a week or so late. The good news is that we look to have a good crop of apples and pears and lots of work for this season’s team. The thinning team will be starting next week and hopefully the work that they do will ensure that we also have a good yield of top quality fruit. Anyone who has worked at Broadwater before will know that this is critical as we are known for producing very high quality apples and pears and no doubt they will also have heard me banging on about quality and bruising many many times.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us from now on and we look forward to a great 2013 harvest.

2013 Season

Hi to everyboby who has applied for work at Broadwater Farm this season and we look forward to welcoming the successful applicants into our team.

You have probably noticed that the weather this year has not been the best. The cold winter weather lasted right into spring and it seemed that the rising spring temperatures would never come. We have had a few days when it has felt a little warmer but as yet we are still waiting…………..

This has had an affect on the blossom which has been much later than usual. As a result, it is likely that the harvest will also be later than usual, although it is impossible at this stage to have any accurate timings and we will have to wait and see what happens, but farming is an organic process and we must follow nature, which will decide when the fruit needs to be picked.

We will keep you informed throughout the summer. Please watch for updates.

Season 2013 and congratulations to Nicola

Hi to everybody who has worked at Broadwater in the past. I am sure everyone will join me in congratulating everybody`s favourite employment specialist, Nicola who, on Christmas Eve 2012 gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Noah.

Nicola is tied up with her maternity duties right now and will not be taking applications until March 2013 for the coming season.

We are hoping for a good crop this year.

Last year it seemed to rain every day. This made it very difficult to produce a quality crop of fruit, it also made the picking season very hard.

The good news is, that the very high rainfall caused the trees to produced plenty of fruit bud and the potential for a good crop is very encouraging.

Please watch the website and lookout for the application form going live in March or April or as soon as Noah allows Nicola the time.

Thanks to the 2012 team who did a great job in a difficult year and we look forward to welcoming this years crew.

Remember we grow Apples and Pears at Broadwater so we need people to work in September and October. If you want work only in July and August, you are probably best off looking for a soft fruit farm.

Hope you all have a great 2013