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“Thanks to everyone at Broadwater Farm, had some good times there …. everyone was great, thanks for the opportunity.” Gary (Scotland)


Course Dates for 2014

 1st  Course 7th July to, at least, 10th October 2014* Fully Booked
 2nd Course 25th August to, at least, 10th October 2014* Fully Booked
 3rd Course 15th September to end of October/early November  Fully Booked
If you apply for work now, your name will be added to a reserve list and we will contact you if any places become available.* please note: these are the minimum finish dates, work will be available until the beginning of November.Please only apply if you can commit to the dates of the chosen course, unfortunately, there is no work available for shorter periods of time.  If you are only looking for work during July and August, other farms offer jobs, such as strawberry picking and these may be more suitable.  Information can be found at the following website:

Application Form

Application form for 2014:

2014 Application Form for Broadwater Farm

“This farm was very wonderful: because I had a very great time, nice and interesting people.” Monika (Lithuania)